My mission is to help businesses, governments and education confidently build open communities.

Building open communities can feel abstract and ambiguous. So I started Bold & Open to help businesses, governments, and universities  approach and engage their communities to do more with others. With clear steps.

Open creators and Community leaders have some of our most successful leaders. So they deserved a publication that broke down their moves in specific terms, the same way other industries do.

If you’re looking for open-source community  and business guidance, you can always contact me. And if you’re in search of inspiration from real-life people who have achieved extraordinary impacts, I share my learnings in the newsletter, on Twitter @jaimeyann, and sometimes on Linkedin.

Who I am at work

I bring my expertise as an entrepreneur, community builder, and open-source researcher.

I helped bring to life the Remodel program with the Danish Design Center.  I Head-coached communities with thousands of participants in the Akimbo courses created by Seth Godin. I shaped the open strategy at the  SNCF (french national railways), Open Lande and the ADEME (french agency for the ecological transition), and I also co-founded the Repair Café in Nice and Ouishare in Madrid.

Who I am at play

The whole story about community started when I discovered the unicycling and juggling communities. This made me travel and connect with people all over Europe, India and part of Asia. Now I’ve settled in the sunny South-East of France, and I am into all sorts of furniture DIY and gardening projects (i.e., I dig great holes to make room for new trees my wife plants).

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