Build open communities confidently.

If you’re unsure where to begin, need a detailed strategy that your team can use, or want to improve your open-source community, I can probably help. We can work together in crafting your open strategy, roadmaps and help you and your team turn your strategy into operational action.


Finding out how to bring an open-source community, organisation, or business to life can feel perplexing.

There’s no such thing as a perfect plan when you’re trying to connect with people. I’ve worked with groups across industries on getting communities to come together, stick together, and grow together.

Working with organisations like Akimbo, the Danish Design Center, the ADEME, the SNCF, and Ouishare, I’ve learned how crucial it is to develop a strategy, integrate workflow and infrastructure, build outreach and iterate on the plan.

My approach is to be your Strategy Partner for leaders and teams to uncover regular clarity and confidence.

I spend time with you in strategy sessions over time. Together, we iterate, troubleshoot, and adapt to inevitable shifts in your work and the world.

Hire me to design an open community and organisation together

I am your strategy partner. This means I don’t do it for you. We do it together.

I come with my framework from years of experience and research, which has helped connect and create leaders in groups of all stripes.

My methods are based on hundreds of experiments, case studies, trainings, and collaborations (in addition to my real-world experience working with communities on a local and global scale).

But I don’t come with pre-conceived ideas. I ask questions. I mentor, I bring inspiration. I help you mold and structure your thoughts and share them with your team. I help you bring your people into this process with fun, awe and inspiration.


Jaime Arredondo

Jaime started Bold & Open in 2016. He’s an entrepreneur, researcher, and economist at heart; he has brought an entrepreneurial, operational, and systemic mindset to community-driven organisations for almost a decade.

Jaime has coached 100+ leaders at businesses, governments, universities, and grass-roots organisations on structuring and scaling their communities. In the past, he was Head Coach at Akimbo Workshops, has run crowdfunding campaigns for open hardware organisations, helped develop the Remodel program with the Danish Design Center, and co-founded the Repair Café community in Nice. Today, he’s an advisor to the ADEME and Open Lande.

What else can we do together?

Here are some other Services that might be useful:
- Open Business Strategy
- Open Community Strategy Sessions. I can work with you and your team to build your entire open strategy, create short-to-long term roadmaps, and help you put the strategy in place
- Training for your team about a range of topics related to building and leading solid open communities and teams
- Content Planning for Community Development
- Documenting to Scale
- Crowdfunding Strategy and Execution
- Fundraising Strategy
- Community Roles Hiring
- Community Content development
- Community Infrastructure design
- Content and Format Curation
- Building Viral Loops
- Partnership Development
- Measurement and Improvement (Developing a framework to track ROI or Impact)
- Setting effective Workflows and Onboardings for different community roles to make participation productive and simple
- Community Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue
- Other ad-hoc feedback to unblock your work or for fresh perspectives (e.g., hiring questions, job description reviews, huddles on urgent questions, strategic gut checks...)

I don’t treat my clients like a production line. Every organization is different and has different goals, communities, and challenges. So, while these services provide an overview of how I can help, we will discuss how I can tune my experience and skills to your specific needs. We can work from virtually anywhere. Pause any time if you’re not finding value.

Think you might need some help?

Send me an email at : jaime [at] and we can talk more.