Communities Are Awesome

Jaime Arredondo
June 23, 2022

We all want a community to collaborate with our organisation, but most of us are afraid to actually start or join one.

A community business has a different soul than a solo entrepreneur or freelance.

But when faced with the actual opportunity to be a part of one, most people hesitate.

Not that it’s a decision to be taken lightly…the perfect community is still one of compromise, arguing, getting paid later instead of now, boredom, letdown, awkward volunteer jokes and someone always believing they should be louder in the mix. That’s best case scenario.

So foreseeing any of these aspects when thinking about being in a community shouldn’t be a deterrent…it simply leads to a question: are you willing to stick with these people despite these aspects?

Are you willing to compromise your control and creativity over a long period of time for the sake of the synergy and soul changing-ness of being in a community?

’Starting a community business is hard, so go be the leader…or go join one that already works so you can get paid now not later.’

And being a solo entrepreneur or freelance is great. It’s a great endeavor. But a lot of solo entrepreneurs and freelancers want to be in communities but they’re just too afraid. And that’s too bad, because communities are awesome and worth the compromise.

This was stolen from Gabe the Bass Player’s great post Bands are Awesome. I remixed it with a community twist. If you’re into music, go check him out, you’ll love his blog.

Photo by Park Troopers on Unsplash

Written by:
Jaime Arredondo
Creator at Bold & Open. Deconstructing how to turn radical ideas into transformative impact.

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