Boost the Open Patent:

The Open Patent is all of us. Working together to bring it to life or showing your interest can make the difference to tackle global problems.

Here are some ways you can take action and be part of the project or (if you cannot get your hands dirty) other ways you can support the Open Patent:
1. Word of Mouth
We will grow the Open Patent together. The sooner states and organizations see there is interest in the Open Patent, the sooner they can start working on it. So the more we share it, the faster we can make change happen.

2. Join the Community
Our Forum is the place where the Open Patent Community meets digitally. You can ask questions, meet new friends and collaborate to advance the way ideas can spread for the Common Good.

3. Help us welcome new people
Engage and interact on Forum to onboard new people and make the place ever more helpful. Answer questions, link things, share findings or start an interesting conversation.

4. Join the Newsletter
We like to keep the Open Patent Community (you) up-to-date on important stuff only and share exciting stories you can use to find support around you. We send emails one to four times a month. Join Newsletter.

5. Share the Open Patent
Tell anyone who could be interested in this kind of patent to get in touch.

6. Translate
If you would like this to reach your country, please help us translate our content into your language. Contact me at

7. Test the Open Patent in your country
Get in touch if you work for or advise institutions that could test and bring this idea to life. We'd love to collaborate and create bridges across countries ready to try this together.

Thanks for tuning in and for considering helping this idea forward. We see you and appreciate your support 🙌